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John Smith
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So here's some content to show the different types of formatting supported in this template. Bascially you can do anything that you could normally do with Bootstrap 4 and on top of that the knowledge base template is providing some callouts and other block types.

Second-level of headings

Third-level of headings

Fourth level of headings

And some paragraph so we don't get too much into the headings.

Of course, you can also display quotes nicely formatted.
- Unknown Author


It's like an alert in Bootstrap but with different name

Here's one warning callout block:
Be ware of the aliens!
Other types of block could be success and error and those look like this:
This is a success message. Something that your customers might do to make them successful.
Put great emhasis on messages with the danger block.
And put information that should be stressed out but not that imprtant in simple informational callout blocks.


Example image of Surface tablet
This a nice image to complement your content


  $testVar = 'This is some random code block';
  echo $testVar;

And you can also have any other type of embedded code. Say from GitHub like this one for example:

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